Books Not Tuberculosis

In celebration of an upcoming literacy day, the local McDonald’s hosted some bloggers from around town at the Ronald McDonald house to promote their program to give one of four books in each kids’ Happy Meal.

I mentioned this the other day and was planning on going. However I have a horrible dry cough that has been sitting in my lungs for like two weeks now. I decided if there’s any place you don’t want to be spread germs it’s in a place where lots of people are meeting each other (handshakes et cetera) and where people with hospitalized children are staying.

So I bowed out and missed the event. I was planning on doing this as a favor to a friend, not because I was going to be compensated. Well, along with attending I was also going to promote the event on social media. During the event I was not spreading my germs at I went to twitter to follow and post to hashtag McIndyMoms. I got a few interactions (retweets and replies) so it wasn’t a bust. I did miss out on missing some local bloggers I’ve wanted to meet for a while though. :-/

But the last thing I need to be putting into Happy Meals is SARS or some unidentified alpaca flu.

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