Halloween in November

Well Halloween as come and gone. Because of storms through a good portion of our state with tropical storm force winds, Halloween was moved to the following day. Which means Friday (yay!) but November (boo!).

I really enjoy Halloween but it was a bit lackluster this year. In addition to the day getting messed up, costumes didn’t happen. We were trying to do a family muppet theme, but it didn’t work out. AmoebaJr ended up a T-rex and Hermoine was going to do a cave woman. I was going to be an asteroid. I never got with the program and got it taken care of and Hermoine’s cave woman sucked, so it was just AmoebaJr.

I stayed home to pass out the candy instead of leaving it on the porch like last time. And even that was lackluster. We live in a somewhat secluded neighborhood that is on the small side. I probably got a dozen kids total in about 5 groups.

So here we are approaching mid-November and I’m starting to free base Whoopers since we still have so many left. The good news though is that there is lots of good quality candy to slowly eat over the next 12 months.

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  1. Tamara

    I am very impressed that it will last 12 months. I honestly forgot about the Halloween candy in our house, but no one else has. We had cold rain here, not to mention that we all had colds, but I have to say that it was still a good year. Probably because we’re all still remembering the freak blizzard we had two years ago.

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