The Cold Call

So AT&T has been calling for days and I needed it to stop, so I answered the phone. Hermoine asked if we still had any accounts with them and I said I was pretty sure we don’t. We were fairly sure it was a sales call, but still. Sometimes you have to answer.

I was writing this out as a Facebook update, but realized it was long enough to break into decent paragraphs and bore my blog readers with. At least they know what they’re getting into when they read here. Anyway…

Dude wants to sell me U-verse. I tell him I don’t have cable nor an interest in having cable. –My only lie. If I was rich, I’d have cable again. DirecTV, all premiums, and Sunday Ticket HD.– He says he just wants to give me something I’d be interested in and wanted to know if that would offend me or hurt my feelings. I said it would if the conversation continues. Oh no, he didn’t stop.

He kept asking questions and trying to pump for info asking why did I get rid of cable and if he could solve those problems would I listen to him. I was microseconds from hanging up on him when he muttered something under his breath and told me to have a good day.

I don’t get it. I told him I wasn’t interested. He kept pushing, so I told him he could give me his spiel if I could put the phone down and not listen. Is he trying to sell me because he has to sell or because he has to give his spiel? Know what I mean?

Then he kept digging in. I told him I would be interested in it if he genuinely wanted to give it to me. If it was free, sure I’d take it. But he wanted something in exchange for it and what he wanted was a limited resource–at least in this house. Turns out not only did he not want to give me anything, he didn’t even want to keep me from being offended.

Beautiful way to gain customers. If you offend them to get them in the door, what are you going to do when they want to walk out?


I’m Not Infectious: 1
AT&T: 0 – The harder they fight, the more they lose.

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  1. Jenn

    We got rid of cable too, to save money. We hardly watch any TV anymore. I’d rather save $1200 + a year and spend it on a much-needed vacation than watch useless TV. ;)

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